2018 Publications

Risk of Alzheimer’s disease with metal concentrations in whole blood and urine: A case-control study using propensity score matching
Yang, YW;Liou, SH;Hsueh, YM;Lyu, WS;Liu, CS;Liu, HJ;Chung, MC;Hung, PH;Chung, CJ
Environmental exposure to heavy metals is suspected to result in neuropathology damage and cognitive impairment. We aimed to explore the association of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) risk with the internal dose of heavy metals by constructing a hospital-based case-control study and using propensity-score-matching methods. (more)

Pre-existing comorbidity modify emergency room visit for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in association with ambient environments
Wang, YC;Chen, YC;Ko, CY;Guo, YL;Sung, FC
BACKGROUND: This study evaluated risks of emergency room visit (ERV) for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) in 2005-2011, among patients with cardiologic and metabolic syndromes (CMS), in association with ambient environments. (more)

Metformin inhibits IgE- and aryl hydrocarbon receptor-mediated mast cell activation in vitro and in vivo
Wang, HC;Huang, SK
Metformin, an anti-diabetic drug, possesses anti-inflammatory property beyond its glucose-lowering activity, but its regulatory effect on mast cells and allergic responses remains unknown, wherein the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR)-ligand axis is critical in controlling mast cell activation.(more)

Suicidality 6 years after occupational injury
Chin, WS;Guo, YL;Liao, SC;Lin, KH;Kuo, CY;Chen, CC;Shiao, JSC
OBJECTIVE: Suicide attempts can result from traumatic events, including those caused by occupational injury. However, literature on the long-term prevalence rates of suicidality after occupational injury is relatively lacking. This study investigated the long-term prevalence of suicidality after occupational injury. (more)

Probabilistic integrated human mixture risk assessment of multiple metals through seafood consumption
Lin, YJ;Lin, P
Inorganic arsenic (iAs), cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), and methylmercury (MeHg) are toxic metals that cause substantial health concern and are present in various seafood items.(more)

An instantaneous spatiotemporal model for predicting traffic-related ultrafine particle concentration through mobile noise measurements
Lin, MY;Guo, YX;Chen, YC;Chen, WT;Young, LH;Lee, KJ;Wu, ZY;Tsai, PJ
People living near roadways are exposed to high concentrations of ultrafine particles (UFP, diameter < 100 nm). This can result in adverse health effects such as respiratory illness and cardiovascular diseases. However, accurately characterizing the UFP number concentration requires expensive sets of instruments. (more)

Early-life arsenic exposure promotes atherogenic lipid metabolism in adolescence: A 15-year birth cohort follow-up study in central Taiwan
Kuo, CC;Su, PH;Sun, CW;Liu, HJ;Chang, CL;Wang, SL
Background: Inorganic arsenic (iAs) exposure potentially causes diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in adults. However, its effect on glucose and lipid metabolism in early life remains unknown. (more)

The impact of occupational psychological hazards and metabolic syndrome on the 8-year risk of cardiovascular diseases-A longitudinal study
Chen, WL;Wang, CC;Chiang, ST;Wang, YC;Sun, YS;Wu, WT;Liou, SH
There was little information concerning the combined effect of occupational psychosocial hazards such as long working hours, high job stress, and high fatigue on the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases (CVD). (more)

Different seasonal effect on asthma trajectories: A population-based birth cohort study
Wu, TJ;Pan, SC;Chen, BY;Chin, WS;Guo, YL
Research has reported heterogeneity in longitudinal wheezing patterns arising in childhood. Data-driven approaches have also identified 4 wheezing trajectory phenotypes in childhood asthma in 2 longitudinal cohorts when the types of transient early and prolonged early wheezing were grouped together. (more)

Effects of night duty events on blood pressure and autonomic modulation in physicians
Lee, HH;Chen, BY;Pan, SC;Lo, SH;Chen, PC;Guo, YL
BACKGROUND: The dynamic effects of duty events on the blood pressure (BP) and heart rate variability (HRV) of physicians on duty are unknown. (more)

Upcoming epidemic of asbestos-related malignant pleural mesothelioma in Taiwan: A prediction of incidence in the next 30 years
Lin, RT;Chang, YY;Wang, JD;Lee, LJH
Background/Purpose: Globally, asbestos-related diseases (ARDs) keep rising over the coming decades. The epidemic of ARDs will be a burden on public health. (more)

National surveillance of 2,3,7,8-substituted polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins/furans in soil in Taiwan
Hsu, YC;Que, DE;Gou, YY;Tsou, TC;Liu, CK;Wang, YL;Hou, WC;Lin, YH;Liu, WY;Chao, HR;Lee, WJ
Abstract:In this study, the polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin/furan (PCDD/F) levels in 381 soil samples coming from different background areas (n=238) and contaminated areas (n=143) in Taiwan were investigated from 2011 to 2015 using high resolution gas chromatograph/high resolution mass spectrometry (HRGC/HRMS). (more)

Will daytime occupational noise exposures induce nighttime sleep disturbance?
Lin, CY;Tsai, PJ;Lin, KY;Chen, CY;Chung, LH;Wu, JL;Guo, YL
Abstract:BACKGROUND: Nighttime environmental noise affects sleep quality. However, the effects of daytime occupational noise remain unclear. METHODS: A quasi-experiment of 48 participants who had been employed for at least six months in two hospital cafeterias.(more)

Early sign of microangiopathy in systemic sclerosis: The significance of cold stress test in dynamic laser Doppler flowmetry
Yu, S;Hu, SC;Yu, HS;Chin, YY;Cheng, YC;Lee, CH
Abstract:BACKGROUND: Skin physiology measurement is receiving more attention for detecting vasculopathy in systemic sclerosis (SSc). Laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) is a widely used physiological measurement to assess cutaneous microcirculation. However, findings of LDF may be normal during early stage of microangiopathy in SSc.(more)

Household incense burning and infant gross motor development: Results from the Taiwan Birth Cohort Study
Wei, CF;Chen, MH;Lin, CC;Guo, YL;Lin, SJ;Hsieh, WS;Chen, PC
Abstract:BACKGROUND: Air pollution from biomass burning were associated with neurodevelopmental deceleration, but limited studies concerned about the effect of indoor biomass burning. Incense burning is a common household ritual practice in Taiwan, while past studies mainly focused on birth weight and allergic disease.(more)

An epigenome-wide study of cord blood DNA methylations in relation to prenatal perfluoroalkyl substance exposure: The Hokkaido study
Miura, R;Araki, A;Miyashita, C;Kobayashi, S;Kobayashi, S;Wang, SL;Chen, CH;Miyake, K;Ishizuka, M;Iwasaki, Y;Ito, YM;Kubota, T;Kishi, R
Abstract:BACKGROUND: Prenatal exposure to perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) influences fetal development and later in life. OBJECTIVE: To investigate cord blood DNA methylation changes associated with prenatal exposure to PFASs. METHODS: We assessed DNA methylation in cord blood samples from 190 mother-child pairs from the Sapporo cohort of the Hokkaido Study (discovery cohort) and from 37 mother-child pairs from the Taiwan Maternal and Infant Cohort Study (replication cohort) using the Illumina HumanMethylation 450 BeadChip.(more)

Metformin and risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in diabetes patients
Tseng, CH
Abstract:Purpose: This study aimed to investigate whether metformin can affect risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in type 2 diabetes (T2D) patients. Methods: T2D patients newly diagnosed during 1999–2005 were enrolled from the reimbursement database of Taiwan’s National Health Insurance system and followed up to 31 December 2011.(more)

Ambient VOCs in residential areas near a large-scale petrochemical complex: Spatiotemporal variation, source apportionment and health risk
Hsu, CY;Chiang, HC;Shie, RH;Ku, CH;Lin, TY;Chen, MJ;Chen, NT;Chen, YC
Abstract:This study investigated ambient volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and assessed excess health risks for child, adult and elderly populations in a residential area near a large-scale petrochemical complex in central Taiwan. A total of 155 daily VOC samples were collected in canisters from nine sites in spring, summer and winter during 2013-2014.(more)

Lifetime exposure to particulate air pollutants is negatively associated with lung function in non-asthmatic children
Tsui, HC;Chen, CH;Wu, YH;Chiang, HC;Chen, BY;Guo, YL
Abstract:BACKGROUND: Pulmonary function is known to be affected by acute and subacute exposure to ambient air pollution. However, the impacts of lifetime exposure to air pollution on the pulmonary function of children have been inconsistent. The present study investigated the impact of lifetime residential exposure to intermediate levels of air pollution on the pulmonary function of schoolchildren.(more)

Risk assessment of methylmercury based on internal exposure and fish and seafood consumption estimates in Taiwanese children
You, SH;Wang, SL;Pan, WH;Chan, WC;Fan, AM;Lin, P
Abstract:Fish and seafood consumption is a major source of human exposure to methylmercury (MeHg). This study evaluated the potential health risk of MeHg in Taiwanese children from fish and seafood consumption using a toxicokinetic model, hazard quotients and hazard indices (HIs). Two biomonitoring programs provided an important resource for blood specimens for assessing MeHg exposure in human populations.(more)

Transcription elongation factor P-TEFb is involved in IL-17F signaling in airway smooth muscle cells
Nakajima, M;Kawaguchi, M;Matsuyama, M;Ota, K;Fujita, J;Matsukura, S;Huang, SK;Morishima, Y;Ishii, Y;Satoh, H;Sakamoto, T;Hizawa, N
Abstract:BACKGROUND: IL-17F is involved in the pathogenesis of several inflammatory diseases, including asthma and COPD. However, the effects of steroids on the function of IL-17F signaling mechanisms are largely unknown. One of the transcription elongation factors, positive transcription elongation factor b (P-TEFb) composed of cyclin T1 and cyclin-dependent kinase 9 (CDK9), is known as a novel checkpoint regulator of gene expression via bromodomain-containing protein 4 (Brd4).(more)

Foxm1 mediates maintenance and progression of mouse lung tumor driven by oncogenic Kras
Chao, SY;Li, CC;Liang, SK;Chiu, YS;Lin, YK;Hsu, CC;Chen, JK;Tsou, TC;Wang, IC
Abstract:Oncogenic mutation of Kras gene is one of the major causes of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and there is no effective chemotherapy agent available for targeting cancers harboring oncogenic Kras mutations. Hence, identifying new downstream molecular targets of KRAS signaling is critical for improving current therapeutic outcomes.(more)

Effects of long-term exposure to CO and PM2.5 on microalbuminuria in type 2 diabetes
Chin, WS;Chang, YK;Huang, LF;Tsui, HC;Hsu, CC;Guo, YL
Abstract:OBJECTIVE: No study has examined the effects of air pollutants on albuminuria in type 2 diabetes. Therefore, the present study investigated this association. METHODS: This follow-up study enrolled 812 patients with type 2 diabetes between 2003 and 2012. The urinary albumin-to-creatinine ratio (ACR) was recorded annually.(more)

Prognostic factors and treatment outcomes of malignant pleural mesothelioma in Eastern Asian patients – A Taiwanese study
Wu, TH;Lee, LJH;Yuan, CT;Chen, TWW;Yang, JCH
Abstract:Background/Purpose: There are scarce reports on the prognostic factors and treatment outcomes of patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) in Asia. This study aimed to address these matters in a real-world setting. Methods: Medical records of patients with histologically proven MPM diagnosed between 1977 and 2016 at the National Taiwan University Hospital were reviewed.(more)

Fine particulate air pollution associated with increased risk of hospital admissions for hypertension in a tropical city, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Tsai, SS;Tsai, CY;Yang, CY
Abstract:The aim of this study was to assess whether a correlation exists between fine particles (PM2.5) levels and number of hospital admissions for hypertension in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Hospital admission frequency and ambient air pollution data were obtained for Kaohsiung for 2009-2013. A time-stratified case-crossover method was used to estimate relative risk for hospital admissions, controlling for weather, day of the week, seasonality, and long-term time trends.(more)

Association between gaseous air pollution and hospital admissions for hypertension in Taipei, Taiwan
Chen, CC;Yang, CY
Abstract:Air pollution exposure has been reported to influence blood pressure. However, only a few epidemiological studies demonstrated association between ambient air pollution exposure and acute hypertensive events. The aim of this study was to examine the association between gaseous air pollutants exposure and hospital admissions for hypertension in Taipei, Taiwan. (more)

Longitudinal assessment of prenatal phthalate exposure on serum and cord thyroid hormones homeostasis during pregnancy – Tainan birth cohort study (TBCS)
Huang, HB;Kuo, PL;Chang, JW;Jaakkola, JJK;Liao, KW;Huang, PC
Abstract:An increasing number of studies have revealed that phthalate exposure alters thyroid hormone homeostasis in the general population, but there is insufficient evidence of the effect of longitudinal maternal phthalate exposure on maternal and fetal thyroid hormones during pregnancy. We longitudinally assessed the effect of prenatal phthalate exposure in pregnant women on umbilical cord and maternal thyroid hormones at three trimesters during pregnancy. (more)

Characterization of phthalates exposure and risk for cosmetics and perfume sales clerks
Huang, PC;Liao, KW;Chang, JW;Chan, SH;Lee, CC
Abstract:High levels of phthalates in name-brand cosmetics products have raised concerns about phthalate exposure and the associated risk for cosmetics sales clerks. We assessed the exposure and risk of phthalates in 23 cosmetics, 4 perfume, and 9 clothing department store sales clerks. We collected 108 urine samples pre- and post-shift and analyzed for phthalate monoesters through liquid chromatography–electrospray ionization–tandem mass spectrometry.(more)

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