Major Research Findings

The research themes in NIEHS are focused on environmental hormones, ultrafine particles, environmental medicine and mission-oriented government sponsor programs. To strengthen our research ability, we have established interactive network nationally and collaboration network internationally. To study the long term effects of some crucial Taiwan environmental and occupational health issues, we have also sponsored and established the cooperation network with many leading research organizations and hospitals to develop three cohorts including “Taiwan Maternal and Infant Cohort Study(TMICS)“, “Consortium for Taiwan Asthma Study (CTAS)” and “Taiwan Bus Driver Cohort Study (TBDCS)“. Our major achievements are as follows:

1. Molecular mechanism of secondhand smoke in female lung adenocarcinoma

2. Early-life arsenic exposure promotes atherogenic lipid metabolism in adolescence: A 15-year birth cohort follow-up study in central Taiwan.

3. Health Risk and Thyroid Hormone Homeostasis in the General and Susceptible Taiwanese Populations with Phthalates Exposure

4. Effects of long-term exposure to CO and PM2.5 on microalbuminuria in type 2 diabetes

5. Development of an in Vitro-Based Risk Assessment Framework for Predicting Ambient Particulate Matter-Bound Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon-Activated Toxicity Pathways

6. Sources control strategy of PM2.5 from analysis of elderly respiratory disease

7. Occupationally injured workers’ mental health and HRQOL: Six-year follow-up study

8. Estimating impacts of asbestos-related malignant mesothelioma in Taiwan

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