Research Topics


The research themes in NIEHS are based on not only the expertise and research interest of our PIs, also the national public environmental health issues. Our main research themes are including:

A. Environmental hormones

  1. Mechanistic study in environmental hormones on fat cells metabolism
  2. Role of protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP2 in ligand-AhR axis
  3. Impact of estrogen and estrogen-like substances on drug resistance in lung adenocarcinoma
  4. Early life exposure to emerging contaminants and metabolic syndromes in children and adolescent – A long term maternal and infant cohort follow-up approach
  1. Molecular Epidemiologic Study of Endocrinal Effects on Susceptible Population Exposed to New and Emergency Environmental Contaminants

B. Ultrafine particles & Air Pollution

  1. Epidemiological study of health effects attributed to fine particles- Epidemiological study of fine particles toxicity interacted with particle size, geographic location, source category, and exposure assessment methods
  1. Investigating the relationship between components of particulate matters and aryl hydrocarbon receptor-related toxicological mechanisms
  1. Air pollution and urinary biomarkers of oxidative stress in preschool children
  1. The characteristics of indoor nanoparticles and gas emissions in Taiwan
  1. A study on the emission of hazardous pollutants, health risk assessments, and its control strategies for the semiconductor industry in a science industrial park
  1. The cohort study on the health impacts of long-term exposure to air pollution on hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and liver disease
  1. Effects of air pollution on suicide mortality and emergency room visits for suicide attempts and depression
  1. Health impact assessment of fine particle pollution of fine particles among immigrant populations

C. Environmental Occupational Medicine & Physical Factors

  1. Biological Effects and Potential Health Impacts of Visible and Infrared Light on Skin and Immune System
  1. Estimation of disease burden of inflammatory diseases and cost-effectiveness analysis of disease prevention in Taiwan

D. National Environmental Health Research Center – Mission Oriented Programs

  1. Establishment of a health risk assessment mechinery for food safety in Taiwan
  2. PM2.5 Exposure and Human Health Study in Taiwan
  3. Health Literacy and Adaptation Strategy for Climate Change

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